Hi-Ton® Performance Alfalfa Seed

Hi-Ton® Performance Alfalfa

Get Serious About More Yield from Your Alfalfa

Armed with Hi-Ton® Performance Alfalfa you can achieve your yield goals. Alforex Seeds has several alfalfa varieties in this category from fall dormancy 4 to 7. Each Hi-Ton variety has to exceed the yield of experimental and other commercial alfalfa varieties by 5% in Alforex Seeds replicated testing. Moreover, a 5% yield advantage is the minimum threshold for a Hi-Ton® Performance alfalfa designation.

  • Maximizes productive harvests and total seasonal yield
  • Amplifies milk/meat per ton and per acre
  • Enhances heat units and conserves soil moisture for crop growth

Line up of Hi-Ton Performance Alfalfa Products:

AFX 429 Hi-Ton Performance Alfalfa AFX 469 Hi-Ton Performance Alfalfa  AFX 579 Hi-Ton Performance Alfalfa  AFX 779 Hi-Ton Performance Alfalfa

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Fast Growth in Performance Alfalfa

Most commercial alfalfa varieties range from 1.4 to 1.6 cm of growth per day, where as an alfalfa must average at least 1.98 cm of growth per day to carry the FastGrowth rating. Most importantly, all Hi-Ton Performance Alfalfas carry the FastGrowth rating.

When alfalfa with a FastGrowth rating is green and growing it is generating extra yield. As an example, Hi-Ton alfalfa has 3 to 5 days faster growth after harvest and shortens the number of days to the next cutting. Faster growth starts with the first crop and continues with each cut taken in a growing season, in other words, more total yield is harvested at mid-summer when growing conditions are at their peak.

Hi-Ton alfalfa growth comparison chart

Level of Hi-Ton Alfalfa Quality

DLF has one of the largest pools of elite alfalfa germ plasm in the world and with its research and development backing Alforex Seeds, we are able select for and offer high quality and fast growth in the Hi-Ton Performance Alfalfa varieties. In addition, each Hi-Ton Performance alfalfa variety has a great disease package and strong insect resistance.

Proven Yield Performance

Many head-to-head yield trial results have proven that Hi-Ton alfalfa performs as promised. These trial results can be viewed on each product page, AFX429, AFX 469, AFX 579, AFX 779. As an illustration of the performance of Hi-Ton alfalfa, many growers have shared their experience in the testimonials below.

A Serious Look at Yield

In conclusion, getting serious about yield means taking a look at the genetics you are using in your fields. Do they measure up to Hi-Ton Alfalfas? Take advantage of the benefits of Hi-Ton Performance Alfalfa in your operation. Hi-Ton Performance Alfalfas;

  • Grow up to 30% faster than conventional alfalfas,
  • Increase the number of productive harvests each season,
  • Provide bigger second, third and fourth crops,
  • Enable a quicker harvest of the first crop,
  • Shorten harvest intervals by three to five days,
  • Suppress weeds.


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Hi-Ton growth ratings are calculated by Alforex Seeds from weekly measurement of varieties grown side-by-side from green-up to harvest through the growing season.  Expressed as average centimeters growth per day.   All measurements were conducted at the DLF research farm in West Salem, WI.