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Looking for greater productivity per acre and improved agronomic characteristics? Make the switch to what serious growers are planting! Alforex Seeds offers field-proven, top alfalfa seed for dairy quality forage to match your growing conditions. With Alforex Seeds, Corteva Agriscience has united its global forage research network with its U.S.-based breeding and testing programs. Our results include milestone varieties and such innovations as multi-leaf alfalfa, hybrid alfalfa, Hi-Ton® fast-growth trait, Hi-Salt salinity tolerance, and Hi-Gest® Alfalfa Technology with highly digestible fiber. We’ve learned how to get more from your acres and with this knowledge we’d be pleased to help you find the best alfalfa seed variety for your farm.

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Hi-Salt Salinity Tolerant Alfalfa

NEW Product Release AFX 647 Hi-Salt Alfalfa

New Product Release for Fall of 2022! AFX 647 Hi-Salt Alfalfa The newest release of Hi-Salt salinity tolerant alfalfa is ...
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Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology

NEW Product Release AFX 670 Hi-Gest Alfalfa

New Product Release for Spring of 2023! AFX 670 Hi-Gest Alfalfa     The next generation of Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology ...
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Alfalfa varieties with WSR <2.3 have less risk of winter kill

Minimize the Risk of Alfalfa Winterkill

Protect your alfalfa investment: Management tools that minimize the risk of alfalfa winterkill As published in of NAFA News, July, ...
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