Alforex Seeds—a rich heritage and a new perspective on alfalfa and forage seed

Alforex Seeds is more than a seed company. We are the culmination of 100+ years of innovation and focus committed to alfalfa and forages. Even more, it’s what we do best because it’s all we do. Alforex channels this heritage to give you a new perspective on alfalfa and forages. A perspective of how to help you get more from your acres. Our company history tells the story behind our ability to help you find out how good you can really be. Alforex Seeds alfalfa and forage company brings together the legacies, the products and the research & development strength of longtime leaders in alfalfa and forage seed.

Alforex Seeds Vision

Today, our vision is alfalfa and forage excellence. Above all, when you use our products you reap the benefits of the experience, focus and commitment that goes into every alfalfa and forage variety.  It’s a commitment to serve growers and producers who demand the best for their fields and herds.  It’s a commitment to help you look at alfalfa and forage from a different prospective. A perspective of potential:  how good can you really be?


Alforex Seeds bag of alfalfa

Alforex Seeds

Alforex (Alfalfa and Forage Excellence) Seeds Everyone at Alforex Seeds thinks you should expect more from your alfalfa and forage crops. High yields, solid agronomics, better forage quality and improved ...
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Alforex Seeds and Corteva Agriscience

Alforex Seeds with Corteva Agriscience genetics are developed out of the Corteva alfalfa R&D program. Corteva Agriscience alfalfa products are developed using the largest, most robust alfalfa germplasm pool in ...
Alforex Seeds

Alforex Seeds Overview

Alforex Seeds is headquartered in Woodland, CA. We are a brand of Corteva Agriscience. Genetics derived out of the largest, most robust alfalfa germplasm pool in the world. Industry leading products ...


Alforex Seeds Heritage

Alforex Seeds is built upon more than 100 years of innovation and experience from our forerunners and parent summarized in the highlights below.

CORTEVA Agriscience2019

Corteva Agriscience is formed as the agricultural division of Dow Dupont.

Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology2017

Alforex Seeds Announces the issuance of a U.S. patent for Hi-Gest® 660 alfalfa variety. Hi-Gest 660 is the first patented variety with Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology and is a non-transgenic alfalfa. Several other varieties are patent pending.

Dow DuPont Hand Shake2017

Dow AgroSciences and DuPont merge creating the the largest agricultural pure play company in the country.


Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology2014

Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology, was the first highly digestible alfalfa to be introduced to the market place.

Alforex Seeds2013

With the support of Dow AgroSciences, Alforex Seeds is launched by combining the breeding and production capabilities of Dairyland Seed and Cal/West Seeds, along with the sales and marketing components of Producer’s Choice.

Dow AgroSciences2012

Dow AgroSciences acquires Cal/West Seeds, Producer’s Choice


Dairyland Seed creates second generation hybrid alfalfa

Target Alfalfa2008

Producer’s Choice acquires Grassland Central and Target Alfalfa

Grassland Central

Dow AgroSciences acquires Dairyland Seed

Dow AgroSciences

PGI Alfalfa2005

Producer’s Choice acquires PGI Alfalfas

StandFast Alfalfa Technology2003

StandFast® traits introduced

MsSUNSTRA Alfalfa Technology2001

Dairyland Seeds creates first hybrid alfalfa. msSunstra™ HybriForce technology introduced.

Producer's Choice2001

Producer’s Choice is launched by Cal/West Seeds


Cal/West Seeds establishes the first in-house biotechnology lab devoted to alfalfa development



Cal/West Seeds develops proprietary leafhopper resistant alfalfa

StandFast Alfalfa Technology1995

Cal/West Seeds purchases Limagrain’s French alfalfa breeding program and germplasm, a move that leads to the development of StandFast Alfalfa Technology



Cal/West Seeds releases multi-leaf alfalfa

Cal/West Seeds1969

Cal/West Seeds is formed by the merger of two operations, the California Ladino Clover Association and Calapproved.


Dairyland Seeds1907

Dairyland Seeds is founded


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