Alforex Seeds—a rich heritage and a new perspective on alfalfa and forage seed

Alforex Seeds is more than a seed company. We are the culmination of 100+ years of innovation and focus committed to alfalfa and forages. Even more, it’s what we do best because it’s all we do. Alforex channels this heritage to give you a new perspective on alfalfa and forages. A perspective of how to help you get more from your acres. Our company history tells the story behind our ability to help you find out how good you can really be. Alforex Seeds alfalfa and forage company brings together the legacies, the products and the research & development strength of longtime leaders in alfalfa and forage seed.

Alforex Seeds Vision

Today, our vision is alfalfa and forage excellence. Above all, when you use our products you reap the benefits of the experience, focus and commitment that goes into every alfalfa and forage variety.  It’s a commitment to serve growers and producers who demand the best for their fields and herds.  It’s a commitment to help you look at alfalfa and forage from a different perspective. A perspective of potential:  how good can you really be?

Alforex (Alfalfa and Forage Excellence) Seeds

Everyone at Alforex Seeds thinks you should expect more from your alfalfa and forage crops. High yields, solid agronomics, better forage quality and improved fiber digestibility are all reasonable requirements for these crops.  Our promise to you is that we’ll continue leading the way and pushing the industry to new heights.  We’ll stay committed to alfalfa and forage.  And we’ll do our best to help you get more out of your alfalfa and forage crops.


Alforex® brand products deliver a wide range of agronomic solutions tailored to where and how you farm.

Real solutions like:

  • salinity and stress tolerance
  • improved persistence
  • yield performance
  • better fiber digestibility from Hi-Gest® alfalfa and sudangrass
  • feed efficiency and nutrition
  • adding value through more milk, more meat and greater productivity per acre.



Decades of alfalfa research results in a fast-paced environment of continual innovation devoted exclusively to alfalfa and forages. That means you can rely on us for groundbreaking products along with steady advances in yield, quality, pest resistance, stress tolerance and persistence.


When you choose Alforex Seeds, you benefit from dedicated technical experts and a sales team who focuses solely on alfalfa and forages. Their insight and experience across millions of acres when combined with the knowledge you have of the specific conditions on your farm, will find the best seed solution for you. When it comes time to plant, you won’t rely on speculation, you’ll rely on proven expertise.