How to Manage Salinity on Alfalfa Acres — 2 Comments

  1. Sir/madam! I have prepared land to cultivate alfalfa in saudi arabia but here the soil and water is a bit salty..what brand of alfalfa seed i must choose?what would be the optimal temperature for better germination? Do we have customized seed brands for such desert conditions?
    Please guide us in this regard.
    Thank you.

    • Alfalfa seed germinates best at soil temperatures between 65-85°F. Not sure what the range of temperatures are in Saudi. If temperatures are high I would plant in the coolest time of year where soil temps are closest to the above soil temps.
      As to alfalfa varieties, our company is not marketing in Saudi, but our AFX 1060, and AFX 960, and PGI 908S would all be appropriate for that environment. They are grown in southern CA in the extreme heat of the Imperial Valley and all three have salinity tolerance.

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