Alfalfa Research and Development, Corteva — 2 Comments

  1. I’m going to plant alfalfa for the first time this spring in south central MN. The field I’m using was beans the previous year. I’m hauling manure on the field over winter. I plan on fertilizing in the spring. Running a digger with baskets on the back over it “levels out the ground really nice”. Do I have to roll the ground with a packer to firm the seed bed? I keep seeing you need a firm seed bed and no one talks about rolling there ground first. I’d rather not because I don’t own one but I want do plant it right. I plan on hiring someone with a Brillion drill to plant it. I also wanted to plant oats with it and hay the oats. I need roughly 3 tons an acre off it the first year to not have to buy hay. Now I keep reading that planting oats with alfalfa will hurt my yields later on. I just need a game plan and have no idea where to start.

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