NAFA Press Release: The importance of alfalfa — 2 Comments

  1. Hello, I am first time producer of alfalfa.
    I seeded alfalfa, Timothy and mixed grass blend. My first cut was in September there was a lot of weeds. I know it’s not very profitable. But I was wondering is there anyway I can get rid of my harvested bales even for a cheap cost, who can I sell them to? Also what do farmers usually do with there first cut of of “weeds” lol I don’t want to put any animals at risk but I’d like to get at least some profit next to non.
    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Tylene
      As to your question below, as to how to market weedy hay. I guess it would somewhat depend on the weeds, hopefully the weeds are not thorny, noxious or have any toxins. If they are just run of the mill weeds, you might check with anyone that is raising goats. Goats tend to tolerate weeds better than most livestock.

      Also you might check with your local extension agent to help you identify the weeds in your field to see if there are any herbicides that can help you eliminate some of the weeds in next year’s hay.
      Good luck
      Don Miller

      Hay for Goats
      Goats will typically eat a wide variety of foods as they roam free in pastures. The only hay goats tend to steer away from is coarse grass hay as they are unable to chew it properly. Leafy alfalfa or fine grass hay is a great feed for goats. Don’t be afraid to feed them a weedy hay as well, as they are used to eating weeds as they roam free.

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