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Experienced alfalfa growers are finding they can get more from their acres when they plant Alforex alfalfa varieties with Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology. Check out the advantages and hear straight from farmers about their experience.

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Higher Digestibility

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Alforex alfalfa varieties with Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology average 5-8% more leaves than conventional varieties. That may not seem like much, but this improvement in leaf-to-stem ratio can result in:

Hi-Gest alfalfa gives you 5-8% more leaves

  • 5-10% increased rate of fiber digestion*
  • 22% reduction in indigestible fiber at 240 hours (uNDF240)**
  • 3-5% more crude protein**


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More Tonnage

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Through the latest breeding techniques and screening of hundreds of thousands of plants, Alforex varieties with Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology are built with tonnage and agronomics in mind. Only elite genetics with high-yield potential, high levels of winter survival and stronger disease/pest resistance make the cut.

Alforex varieties with Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology provides farms flexibility to adjust to aggressive harvest systems to maximize yield and quality, or to a more relaxed schedule focused on tonnage. Either way, growers put the odds of improved returns per acre and animal performance in their favor. And because the technology is non-transgenic, there's no special management or stewardship required.

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More Milk

Hi-Gest Alfalfa Silage 

Terry Spindler - Alforex Seeds Testimonial

“Our nutritionist has found Hi-Gest easy to work with and we like the higher quality. The cows have responded as well.”

– Terry Spindler, Spindler Farms

2.5 lbs. more milk per cow, per day.1  And while not every producer experiences this level of improvement, some producers report even better results.

Do the math across your herd and see the value of Alforex alfalfa varieties with Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology for yourself.

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Ready to bring higher digestibility, more tonnage and more milk to your farm?

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*The increased rate of fiber digestion, extent of digestion, and crude protein data was developed from replicated research and on-farm testing. During the 2015 growing season at West Salem, WI and Woodland, CA, the following commercial dormant, semi-dormant and non-dormant alfalfa varieties were compared head-to-head with Hi-Gest® alfalfa for rate of digestion, extent of digestion and percent crude protein: America’s Alfalfa Brand AmeriStand 427TQ, Croplan Brands LegenDairy XHD and Artesia Sunrise, Fertizona Brand Fertilac, S&W Seed Brands SW6330, SW7410 and SW10 and W-L Brands WL 319HQ and WL 354HQ. Also during the 2015 growing season, 32 on-farm Hi-Gest hay and silage samples were submitted to Rock River Laboratory, Inc., for forage analysis. The results for rate of digestion, extent of digestion and percent crude protein were averaged and compared to the 60-day and four-year running averages for alfalfa in the Rock River database which included approximately 1,700 alfalfa hay and 3,800 silage 60-day test results and 23,000 hay and 62,000 silage tests results in the four-year average.
**Crude protein=60 day running averages and uNDF240=four-year running average.
1 Combs, D. 2015. Relationship of NDF digestibility to animal performance. Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference, 101-112, Retrieved from https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/5350/f0a2cb916e74edf5f69cdb73f091e1c8280b.pdf