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We are leaders in Alfalfa and Forage Seed featuring 1) Progressive & Exciting Products; 2) a dedicated & passionate team of people; and 3) a pipeline of new products and technologies backed by Dow AgroSciences. "This is a great development for hay, livestock, and milk producers. The combined business backed by Dow AgroSciences will accelerate the development of new products and technologies that will help the forage producers," said Ron Cornish, General Manager of Alforex Seeds.

Dairyland Seed will continue to market and sell Dairyland-branded alfalfa seed through its dealer network. The Dairyland breeding program has been integrated into Alforex Seeds and continues with a focus on Hybrid Alfalfa.


Alforex Seeds, the Alfalfa Business Unit of Dow AgroSciences, will rename and distribute its Producer's Choice alfalfa and forage seed products as Alforex Seeds brand. The renaming is effective October 2014. Press Release (PDF) »

The Cal West brand will be featured in Argentina, marketed by Cal West Seeds SRL. Cal West varieties are considered by many to be the leading varieties in Argentina, the result of decades of local selection for adaption to Argentine growing condition.