Rugged Hi-Salt Alfalfa Seed

salinity tolerant Hi-Salt alfalfa seed

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  • Especially well adapted to the northern Great Plains and higher elevations of the Intermountain West
  • Fits irrigated or dryland crop management systems
  • Features bred-in grazing, germination salinity and traffic/compaction tolerance



  • Versatile alfalfa variety that fits 2-4 cut systems for hay or hay-graze management
  • Exceptional winter hardiness helps Rugged perform in production systems where other varieties fail
  • Medium-late harvest maturity



  • Medium-short plant height and a very dense, full canopy of medium green leaves


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Yield in DM Tons per Acre

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1 Harvest Years  =  the number of years in either Public and/or Private trials where the two varieties have been in the same trial and are on harvest schedule for the yield comparisons to be listed.

Seeding Rates

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Alfalfa Management Guide for Saline Soils

Download our Management Guide for more information on growing alfalfa in saline soils.

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Yield Rating Key: 5 = Best; 3 = Average; 1 = Poor

Agronomic Yield Ratings are based on average performance between Alforex varieties. Actual performance may be adversely affected by extreme conditions. Unless stated, ratings are based on standardized testing procedures endorsed by the North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference.

FastGrowth Ratings are calculated by Alforex Seeds from weekly measurement of varieties grown side-by-side from green-up to harvest through the growing season. Expressed as average centimeters growth per day.  >2.20 = Very Fast; >2.00 = Fast; >1.80 = Average; >1.60 = Slow; <1.60 = Very Slow

Pest Resistance Ratings

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