AFX 439 Hi-Ton Alfalfa Seed

Hi-Ton Performance Alfalfa for high yields

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  • A widely adapted variety that will maximize yield and quality under aggressive
    management systems
  • Strong disease and pest package including stem nematodes for western growers
  • High performing variety with excellent yield performance when longer rotations are desired



  • Adapted to production zones all across the U.S. where fall dormancy 3, 4 or 5 varieties are normally recommended
  • Provides high quality forage when aggressively managed for dairy feed
  • A Hi-Ton® variety with a fast green-up rate after harvest
  • Expected to perform very well in mixtures with cool season grasses or other legumes



  • Plants at bud stage will be medium-tall and feature a uniform canopy of large, medium-green leaves



Yield in DM Tons per Acre

1 Harvest Years  =  the number of years in either Public and/or Private trials where the two varieties have been in the same trial and are on harvest schedule for the yield comparisons to be listed.

Seeding Rates

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Yield Rating Key: 5 = Best; 3 = Average; 1 = Poor

Agronomic Yield Ratings are based on average performance between Alforex varieties. Actual performance may be adversely affected by extreme conditions. Unless stated, ratings are based on standardized testing procedures endorsed by the North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference.

FastGrowth Ratings are calculated by Alforex Seeds from weekly measurement of varieties grown side-by-side from green-up to harvest through the growing season. Expressed as average centimeters growth per day.  >2.20 = Very Fast; >2.00 = Fast; >1.80 = Average; >1.60 = Slow; <1.60 = Very Slow

Pest Resistance Ratings


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