Alforex Seeds — a rich heritage and a new perspective on alfalfa and forages

Alforex is more than a seed company. It’s the culmination of 100+ years of innovation and focus committed to alfalfa and forages. It’s what we do best because it’s all we do. Alforex channels this heritage to give you a new perspective on alfalfa and forages — the perspective of how to help you get more from your acres. Our company history tells the story behind our ability to help you find out how good you can really be.

Alforex brings together the legacies, the products and the research & development strength of longtime leaders in alfalfa and forages.

Alforex Seeds Heritage

Alforex is built upon more than 100 years of knowledge and experience from our forerunners and parent, including:


In the 1990s, global seed leader Dow AgroSciences became involved in forage research and development with investments in South America. This research program has provided advances in pest resistance and stress tolerance in non-dominant varieties.

Producer’s Choice was launched in 2001 as a new alfalfa seed brand by Cal/West Seeds. As the Producer’s Choice brand grew, it acquired several other assets, including PGI Alfalfas and Target Seeds.

In 2008, Dow AgroSciences acquired Dairyland Seed, greatly expanding its forage research and development, and genetic development capabilities.

The 2012 acquisition of Cal/West Seeds further increased Dow AgroSciences’ alfalfa and forage business. And in 2013, the company combined its global and U.S. forage business into an all new company, Alforex Seeds, a name derived from our vision of Alfalfa and Forage Excellence.

Alforex Seeds vision

Today, our vision is alfalfa and forage excellence, so that when you use our products you reap the benefits of the experience, focus and commitment that goes into them. It’s a commitment to serve growers and producers who demand the best for their fields and herds. It’s a commitment to help you look at alfalfa and forage from a different perspective — a perspective of potential: how good can you really be?

Alforex Seeds overview

  • about-part2_03Headquarters in Woodland, CA
  • Affiliate of Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN
  • Largest alfalfa testing program in the world
  • Nearly 80,000 research plot trials each year
  • Milestone innovations:
    • StandFast® fast-growth trait
    • Hi-Gest® low lignin sudangrass
    • Salinity tolerant alfalfa varieties
    • Multi-leaf alfalfa

Alforex Seeds people

Everyone at Alforex — from growers and agronomists to seed lab technicians — dedicates their efforts to producing exceptional seed. Our technical experts and a dedicated sales staff focus solely on alfalfa and forages. They work with you and your dealer to answer your questions and give savvy insight into your challenges — insight drawn from breeding experience with thousands of acres. When it comes time for you to plant, you’re not relying on speculation, you’re relying on proven expertise.

Alforex Seeds & Dow AgroSciences

about-part2_06Because Alforex Seeds is an affiliate of Dow AgroSciences, we have access to leading technologies and extensive research capabilities to support the selection and breeding of alfalfa and forage seeds. Our Dow AgroSciences parent enables Alforex to deliver more, and better, genetics and traits while remaining true to our mission of alfalfa and forage excellence. The commitment from Dow AgroSciences assures you we’ll have the seed to keep our customers competitive both today and tomorrow.