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Grow your expectations with Alforex alfalfa & forage products

Alforex Seeds leads the way in developing advanced alfalfa and forage seed products. Alforex research focuses on areas of development that matter to producers by utilizing both biotech and conventional plant-breeding capabilities to bring innovative products to market faster.

Beyond breeding and product evaluation, our focus on alfalfa and forage excellence entails seed growing, harvesting and conditioning by specialists who rank among the most experienced in the industry. Then, Alforex labs assure product quality by conducting more than 3,500 purity and germination examinations each year. This singular focus helps our products deliver benefits you want:

  • High-yield

  • High-quality

  • Salinity tolerance

  • Strong persistence

  • Drought tolerance

  • Disease resistance

  • StandFast® fast recovery

  • Brown mid-rib (BMR) trait

  • Multiple pest resistance

These benefits, in turn, help to improve yield and nutritional characteristics of alfalfa and forage, which adds value through more milk, more meat and greater productivity per acre.