SweetKing Sorghum x Sudangrass Seed – Conventional

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  • Warm-season summer annual for multiple cuttings as hay, silage, or rotational grazing; a great choice for green manure
  • 55-60 days to maturity
  • An economical option when the Brown Mid-Rib trait isn’t required



  • Adapted to all areas of the US where hybrid sorghum X sudangrass or hybrid sudangrass is grown
  • Plant after danger of frost and soil temperatures are above 65 degrees
  • Leave 4-6 inches of stubble at harvest and apply 1 to 1.25 pounds of actual nitrogen for each day to the expected next harvest
  • Follow all sorghum feeding precautions



  • Wide leaves on plants that may reach 6+ feet tall at harvest



  • Approximately 16,000 seeds per pound
  • In 6 to 18 inch drill rows, seed 10-25 pounds per acre dryland and 15 to 40 pounds per acre irrigated
  • For broadcast, seed 10-30 pounds per acre dryland and 20-40 pounds per acre irrigated 


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