Equine Hay and Pasture Mix, Forage Seed

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  • Mixture of cool-season grasses formulated for horses on pasture that has the option of harvesting as dry hay
  • Includes perennial species that recover quickly after close grazing and other species that contribute to yield and palatability when harvested as hay
  • Endophyte-free and does not contain a legume component



30% Optima Brand Orchardgrass–Rapid re-growth after harvest

15% Forage Kentucky Bluegrass–Tolerates close grazing and spreads to fill in open spots

15% Imperial Brand Timothy–Early season growth and yield

15% Jetta Brand Italian Ryegrass–Quick establishment

15% Marquis Brand Festulolium–Summer productivity

10% Journey Brand Perennial Ryegrass–Forage quality


*Components are subject to availability and may change over time

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