SilageKing Forage Sorghum Seed

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  • Forage sorghum hybrid that efficiently produces high forage yields and is easy to manage
  • Fits silage production needs of dairies and feedlots across the Southern Great Plains and Southwestern U.S.
  • Efficient user of water and fertility



  • Uses a third less water and half the applied nitrogen fertilizer as corn for silage
  • Reaches the soft-dough stage in approximately 115 days
  • Strong stalks for very good standability
  • Produces yields and silage quality comparable to corn for silage and exceeds corn on marginal soils
  • Yields 5,000 to 7,000 pounds per acre of red grain, resulting in a very high grain-to-stover ratio. This significantly increases digestible dry matter per acre when fed as silage. The high protein content and total digestible nutrients make SilageKing perfect for the feedlot or dairy



  • Crop height will be 6 to 8 feet tall with a strong stalk
  • Dense, numerous, wide, dark-green leaves



  • Approximately 15,000 seeds per pound
  • Irrigated: 10 pounds per acre in rows or drilled at 20 pounds per acre
  • Dryland: 4 to 5 pounds per acre in rows or drilled at 15 to 20 pounds per acre


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