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Webinar: How to Maximize Alfalfa Yield

February 4, 2021 • 11:00am CST

Tune in as industry specialists talk about tips and techniques for getting the best yield out of your alfalfa acres. Some topics we’ll discuss include:

  • Advantages of a “high yield” variety
  • Managing fast recovery of high yield varieties
  • What pest resistance can do for your yield
  • Timing of harvest to minimize yield loss from wheel traffic
  • Fertilizing and timing for maximum yield


Panelist Include:

  • Dr. Don Miller – Director of Product Development, Alforex Seeds
  • Steve Norberg – Washington State University
  • Glenn Shewmaker – Professor Emeritus, Forage Specialist for the University of Idaho


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Biographies for our Speakers:

Name: Dr. Donald R. Miller
Director of Product Development Alforex Seeds
Nampa, Idaho

Biography: Don is currently the Director of Product Development for Alforex Seeds  and is based out of Nampa Idaho.  During his forty year career in the public and private industry, Dr. Miller has authored or co-authored numerous agricultural publications and conducted 300 plus training seminars for Universities and Grower organizations.   Dr. Miller has developed or co-developed 150 alfalfa , 6 red clover and one Teff grass variety during his plant breeding career. For the last 5 years he has been featured as the alfalfa “Ask the Alfalfa Expert” on a popular Midwest Radio Program. His most recent activities has been in the introduction of Hi-Salt®, Hi-Ton® and Hi-Gest® alfalfa technologies; and their adaption by progressive growers all across the U.S.

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