Dairyland Seeds alfalfa

Dairyland Alfalfa

Why do we sell Dairyland Seed?

At Alforex Seeds our goal is to offer the broadest genetic diverse portfolio of alfalfa products to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated forage producers.
As we are part of the Corteva Multi-Channel Seed Brands business, Alforex Seeds is able to access and sell the Dairyland Brand alfalfa products in states outside of northeast IA, northern IL, IN, MI, MN, ND, SD, and WI. The Dairyland Seed Brand brings our customers the HybriForce, Magna, and Magnum alfalfa product lines. Delivering more consistent yield from every acre!

For growers outside the areas listed above go to Dairylandseed.com.

Click on the links below for PDF specification sheets of Dairyland Alfalfa Products.

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