Innovative technologies to improve productivity

Today, Alforex researchers and scientists continue to pursue new technologies to deliver more and better genetics and technologies. The breeding, research and production capabilities of our predecessors and partners have resulted in several breakthrough technologies for alfalfa and forages.

Hi-Gest® Alfalfa Technology – for improved digestibility, high yields and management flexibility

Hi-Gest Alfalfa TechnologyUsing conventional breeding techniques and screening hundreds of thousands of plants, our breeders began the long process of selecting elite parental material that expressed both strong agronomic traits and improved fiber digestibility. After years of testing, Alforex Seeds now offers varieties with Hi-Gest® Alfalfa Technology. Hi-Gest’s elite genetics improve the rate of digestion in ruminant livestock, which translates to increased forage intake and increased milk and/or meat production. In addition, Hi-Gest delivers:

  • High quality that can help produce an estimated 2.5 more pounds of milk per cow per day
  • High yield
  • Good agronomics
  • Management flexibility and good winter survival
  • Superior disease and pest resistance

Hi-Ton® high-yield alfalfa – fast recovery for more tonnage

To earn the Hi-Ton® designation, varieties must average at least 2 cm of growth per day, starting with spring green-up. Most commercial varieties range from 1.5 to 1.9 cm per day. Designated varieties AFX 579, AFX 469 and AFX 429 have exceeded the yield of peer experimentals and commercial alfalfa varieties by 5%, the minimum threshold for Hi-Ton® alfalfa.

  • Grow up to 30% faster than conventional alfalfas
  • Increase the number of productive harvests each season
  • Provide bigger second, third and fourth crops
  • Enable harvesting of the first crop sooner
  • Shorten harvest intervals by three to five days
  • Suppress weeds

Salinity tolerance – an improved option for yield and quality in saline soils

technology_13Hi-Salt Tolerant Alfalfa SeedNew Alforex alfalfa varieties with enhanced salinity tolerance, when combined with proactive field monitoring and remediation practices, are the alfalfa grower’s front line of defense against salinity losses. Salt-tolerant alfalfa varieties, like PGI 908S, CISCO II and Rugged offer growers a new tool for production regions affected by salinity by raising the salinity threshold over unimproved varieties to maximize seasonal forage yield. To learn more, download our free guide, Alfalfa Management for Saline Soils.

  • Reduces seedling loss at establishment
  • Protects and maximizes hay yield
  • Helps curb and remediate salinity

Hi-Gest® sudangrass – for more nutritional value

technology_16technology_18Hi-Gest® sudangrass is the result of almost three decades of hybrid sudangrass plant breeding and evaluations for yield, palatability and digestibility. The brown mid-rib trait (BMR) equates to reduced lignin and improved fiber digestibility. Hi-Gest sudangrass hybrids have competitive yield and significantly better forage quality, providing a new path to improved animal performance over open-pollinated sudangrass and other sorghum types. Hi-Gest sudangrass can be utilized as pasture, hay or silage. To learn more, download the Hi-Gest Sudangrass Crop Overview and Forage Production Guide.