Alforex Seeds full lineup

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Hi-Gest® 360 Low Lignin Technology
Hi-Gest® 660 Low Lignin Technology - U.S. Patent Number 9,648,826
322 LH Brand Potato Leafhopper Resistance
AFX 457 High Yield & Salinity Tolerance
AFX 960 *NEW* Low Lignin Technology
AFX 1060 Low Lignin Technology
AFX 579 *NEW* High Yield Alfalfa
AFX 469 *NEW* High Yield Alfalfa
AFX 429 *NEW* High Yield Alfalfa
PGI 557 Yield & Quality
PGI 529 Yield and Persistence
PGI 427 Proven Performer & Salinity Tolerance
405 Brand Widely Adapted
Rugged Traffic & Salinity Tolerance
PGI 212 Persistence/Forage Quality
CW 704 Forage Quality & Nematode Package
CISCO II Consistent Performer & Salinity Tolerance
PGI 908-S Performance Leader & Salinity Tolerance
PGI 9000 Brand Widely Adapted